IMPORTANT New Members and Members with Zero Post Count

Due to recent problems with certain organisations and malicious individuals THIS is the only section of this forum you will be able to access as a Guest for the time being. When you have registered and your details verified then you will have full access to the forum. I'm sorry we have had to take these measures but it is all down to selfish, childish and malicious individuals who would ruin it for others
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IMPORTANT New Members and Members with Zero Post Count

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Due to the large influx of new members and the fact that a lot of members have not posted even though they may have been members for a considerable time, the bandwidth is now getting restricted and consequently slowing down the forum for active members.  Consequently if a new member has not 'activated' their account within 10 days or posted within 14 days of registration then their account will be deleted.  Current members who have zero post counts and have been members for more than one month will also be deleted.  This does not prevent you re-registering BUT the same conditions will apply and should this happen twice then the individual will be prevented from registering.  We are sorry to have to take this measure but this is a free forum and as such has a limited bandwidth allocation which, to be fair, should go as a priority to active members.

When you register please just take the time to introduce yourself and complete the 'location' section of your profile.  Location must entail the town/city if in the UK and also the country if outside the UK.  Failure to complete this section will result in the account being deleted.

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Please note:

'Location' relates to area/county/state and is displayed for all to see
'Postal Town' relates to the town closest to yourself & is not displayed on the forums.

We do not need or want your post code/zip code in either of the above fields.
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